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Journaler ikona

Journaler is a LiveJournal client for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Multiple account support: switch between your accounts easily.
  • Especially designed for reading LiveJournal friends page.
  • Friends page caching: read it even when offline.
  • Landscape mode for both reading and posting.
  • Full persistence: UI is restored at start-up.
  • Post to your journal or any community you are member of.
  • Set security level for your posts.
  • A draft of a new post is automatically saved on exit from the app.
  • Also some basic support for LJ clone servers like InsaneJournal, Sviesta Ciba etc.


Account listFriends pageFriends pageReading postNew postPost optionsJournal selection for a new postSecurity option for a new postSettings

Fixing VPN in Snow Leopard

After upgrading my Mac OS X to Snow Leopard, my VPN connections stopped to work. After serveral hours of looking for a solutions, I found it. A little bit strange solution.

I fixed my VPN connections by enabling and disabling Internet Sharing (in System Preferences > Sharing).

Internet Sharing

via The macosxhints Forums

OpenTTD 1.0.0 for Mac OS X

OpenTTD 1.0.0 for Mac OS X – download.

The bundle contains OpenGFX and OpenSFX. I have tried to add also OpenMSX, but some tracks caused the game to crash, so I decided not add music.

Binaries are built and tested on Leopard/Intel. Please leave your feedback how it works for you!

Update. Today I got my own copy of Snow Leopard (finally!). Looks like OpenTTD runs normally on Snow Leopard too.